Aqua Pro Water Treatment Company is a successful business entity established in 2011. The business offers its products for domestic, commercial and industrial uses. It specializes in all type of reverse osmosis applications and whole house water filter applications. All units and accessories are imported from top manufacturers of the domain to help our valued customers with the best pick. With its head office in Islamabad, Pakistan Aqua Pro aims to provide Punjab region with fresh, clean and fine quality water. Furthermore, Aqua Pro also has a branch office at Peshawar, Pakistan to offer their remarkable and trustworthy products to KP region. Following a market development plan, Aqua Pro will be exporting its units and equipment’s to the neighbor countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Srilanka in near future.

Product Line

Aqua Pro has a wide range of water filtration units and accessories for household, commercial and industrial usage. The main products of the business are as follows

  • Water Filtration Plants
  • RO Systems
  • Whole House Water Filter Plants
  • Alkaline RO Systems
  • Water Softener Plants
  • Water Filter Cartridge
  • Water Ionizers
  • Related Accessories and Fittings

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filtration is the purest investment for households and/ or industries. Reverse osmosis (or RO) is a water filtration technique used to remove inorganic minerals from water using a semi permeable membrane. In RO, osmotic pressure is overcome by an applied pressure forcing bacteria, nitrates, sulphates and other contaminants to remain on the pressurized side of the membrane. Additionally, the carbon filter in an RO system helps to trap chloramines and chlorine. As a result, pure clean water is allowed to flow from the other side of the filter.

Why RO

  • Fully automated and innovative filtration
  • Cost effective as compared to bottled-water
  • Purest water experience
  • Clean and fresh tasting water
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and convenient in use
  • Affordable pricing

RO Filter in Kitchen

Installed with kitchen sink or refrigerator, Aqua Pro provides the RO filter with high quality clean drinking water for family and kids. This point-of-use water filtration system can also be connected to ice machines at homes.

Whole-house RO System

With whole-house RO system installed, our esteemed customers enjoy the purest water flowing through all faucets, showers and other appliances of the house. This point-of-entry filtration system makes you worry free of all the water at home.

Commercial RO System

Aqua Pro offers wide array of RO systems for commercial applications too. Be it a hotel, a hospital or a pharmaceutical company, RO is the best solution for having clean mineral and/ or distilled water. Aqua Pro also specializes in liquid filling units and bottling equipment for industries like beverage, cosmetic, chemical, and refinery. From single water purifying unit to a complete integrated system, Aqua Pro offers high quality imported units for fresh water experience in the region.

Industrial RO System

Reverse osmosis system has been a perfect investment for organizations and industries. With an RO system installed by the skilled workers of Aqua Pro, factories and industries do not have to worry about the impurities in water. The RO system applications have been successful on industrial basis for food and beverage industries, mining industries, agriculture industries, poultry farms and many more.


In an effort to providing our customers with the most natural and clean water, Aqua Pro has collaborated with top manufacturers in this domain. Bringing these companies under one roof of Aqua Pro, customers have the ease to select the appropriate water purifying unit according to need. By working together as a team with its collaborators, Aqua Pro promises to make your investment worth it. The imported water purifier units along with our excellent before and after sales services will provide the best water experience you can ever have.

Customer Satisfaction

The core purpose of the business is satisfied customers. At Aqua Pro, creating value for customers and consumers is the key. Our well trained team is always ready to assist customers at any step of their business relationships with us. Providing our services at doorstep helps Aqua Pro develop strong associations with valued customers. With Aqua Pro, customers no longer have to worry about availability of parts or repairing issues of any water purification unit. The check and maintenance services after proper fitting and installation by our skilled workers are additional steps towards achieving customer satisfaction. We aim to provide our customers with the purest water experience beyond expectations.